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"Tess is a rare jewel in this country..." - Dr. K. Kendall, Smith College, MA.


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Selected Articles Published In Refereed Journals & Book Chapters

2011: Onwueme, T.O. ‘If You Want Justice, You Must Work For Truth’: Fonlon-Nichols Award or a Call to Action”, in Literature, The Visual Arts And Globalization in Africa
and its Diaspora. Ed. Lokangaka Losambe and Maureen Eke, 15African Literature Association annual Series (2011), 55-64.

2009: Onwueme, T.O. "I Write To Kill Silence!” Keynote Address, Presented at the 2009 Tess International Conference, held at the Rockview Royale Hotel, co-hosted by the Central Michigan University, USA, the University of Abuja, Nigeria, and the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, from November 11-14, 2009.

2002: Onwueme, T.O. "Buried In the Rubble: The Missing Face in African Literature." African Literature Association ALA Bulletin, 28, 2 (Spring 2002), 40-60.

1999: Onwueme, T.O. "To The Would-Be African Female Writer: Husband Yourself First”, in The African Writers’ Handbook, James Gibbs and Jack Mapanje, ed., African Books Collective Ltd., Oxford (1999: 38-42).

1999: Onwueme, T.O. "Drumbeats In Black Women’s Drama", Obsidian 111, 1 (Spring-Summer 1999), 160-167.

1998: Onwueme, T.O. "Who Can Silence The Drums? Black Writers Speak!," in Leadership, Culture And Racism. Ed. Rose Ure Mezu. Maryland: Black Academy Press (1998: 47-68).

1997: Onwueme, T.O. "Shifting Paradigms of Profit and Loss: Men in Nwapa's Fiction", in Emerging Perspectives on Flora Nwapa. Ed. Marie Umeh. Trenton, New Jersey: African World Press, USA (Fall 1997), 120-145.

1996: Onwueme, T.O. "(An) Other African Artist's Wayward Thoughts on Eugene Redmond's Poetry," in Of Dreams Deferred, Dead Or Alive: African Perspectives On African-American Writers. Ed. Femi Ojo-Ade, Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood Press (1996: 83-96).

1994: Onwueme, T.O. "Daughters of Eve as Guardian Angels", in Feminism in African Literature: Essays On Criticism,Ed. Helen ChukwumaEnugu: New Generation Books (1994: 228-239).

1993: Onwueme, T.O. "Bodies in Silence: The Missing Diaspora in African Literature." Drum Voices Revue, 1 and 2 (Fall-Winter 1992/3:157-169).

1991: Onwueme, T.O. "Femi Osofisan and the Technique of Epic Theatre in Nigerian Drama." The Literary Griot, Vol. 3, 1 (Spring, 1991: 82-96).

1991: Onwueme, T.O. "The Community As Shadow Of The Individual In Achebe's Novels," Génève-Afrique, Vol. XXIIX, 1 (1991: 71-80).

1991: Onwueme, T.O. "Visions of Myth in Nigerian Drama: Femi Osofisan Versus Wole Soyinka." Canadian Journal of African Studies (August 1991: 58-69).

1991: Onwueme, T.O. "The Legacy of Oedipus: Women and Tragedy," published as one of the Selected Papers from the conference proceedings, 3rd International Women Playwright's Conference, Glendon College, Ontario, Canada (1991).

1990: Onwueme, T.O. "Speaking Without Tongue: Silence and Self-Search in Armah's The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born.” Ufahamu, Vol. XVIII- No. 1 (Winter 1990: 71-81).

1990: Onwueme, T.O. "Beyond the Nobel: Adolescence and African Literature." Cajolis (76-83).

1989: Onwueme, T.O. "Women as Agents of Social Reconstruction." SAGE: A Scholarly Journal on Black Women, Vol. V, I (1989: 25-28).

1989: Onwueme, T.O. "The Tribe of Writers in Search of Homestead. Keynote Address to the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA), published in ANA Review (April, 1989).

1989: Onwueme, T.O. "Heroism Among the West Nigerian Igbo: A Perspective from Orature." Emenanjo, Nolue and T. Onwueme, Chapter 3, The Hero In Igbo Literature. Ed. Chuckwuma Azuonye, D. I. Nwoga 1989 (21-49).

1989: Onwueme, T.O. "Introduction to Drama," Chapter III, The Study of Literature: An Introductory Text. Ed. Charles Nnolim. Onitsha: Leadway Books, 1987 (40-73).

1988: Onwueme, T.O. "Of ANA, Growth and Harvest." Association of Nigerian Authors, ANA Review (November, 1988).

1988: Onwueme, T.O. "Reading in the Literary Arts: The Role of Literature in National Development." In Literacy and Reading in Nigeria, Ben Oluikpe. Ed. Enugu: Fourth Dimension Publishers (1985: 72-96).

1988: Onwueme, T.O. "The Novel, A New Approach to the Use of English Courses in the Universities of Technology." New Directions in the Nigerian Education. Ed. B. O. Oluikpe (1984: 201-215).

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